Lake City Paintball is a new exciting adventure in beautiful Lake City, Colorado. Located just outside the town within few minutes from historic city center. Lake City Paintball consists of one outdoor playing field sitting on 1.3 acre of mountain land and is specified in woodsball type of paintball with various playing scenarios.

Our field features one wooded hill and willow labyrinth that meet in a small valley. Take cover behind pillboxes, dense cover, trenches and various other natural obstacles as you sneak toward the enemy. This field is perfect for the woods ball player who loves a bit slower, more traditional paintball game. Watch out for that rustling in the brush – Friend or Foe?!

Lake City Paintball is currently offering only Private Paintball Group play reservations. We might be offering Open Paintball play on Saturday’s in the near future.

Consessions Available. We have plenty of concessions on site for you to stay hydrated and grab a snack throughout the day!


MONDAY - SUNDAY: Reservations Only

Reservations starts at 10AM
(Please call 970 901 5500 for flexible time reservation)


Experience the freedom to play on your own terms. Choose the date and time.

Please prior to your arrival make sure you have read and familiarize with the safety rules and the waiver.








Answers to common questions below...

How can I play at Lake City Paintball?

Find your teamĀ  which consists at least from 4 members choose your day and time and click “Book Now!” Book online ahead of time (at least 24 hours prior your date and time) and wait for your confirmation email to confirm your booking.

Is there an age requirement to play?

The minimum age to play is 10 years old. All players must sign a waiver. If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian sign your waiver.

Can I bring my own Paintballs?

Lake City Paintball is a field paint only facility. Outside paintballs are prohibited. All paintballs must be purchased on site from Lake City Paintball to ensure a quality product and safe environment. Anyone caught shooting outside paint will be asked to leave without refund. No exceptions.

Is paintball safe?

Being a non-contact sport it does not have anywhere near the injuries of other sports like Soccer, Hockey, Football or Basketball. When playing under professional, supervised conditions with proper equipment, it is statistically safer than golf or bowling!

Does it hurt when you get hit?

This is the most commonly asked question we get. Getting shot typically feels like being snapped with a wet towel. At Lake City Paintball safety and fun are always our number one priority!

Will the paint wash out?

Actually, paintballs have no paint in them! They are gelatin capsule much like a bath bead or Advil gel cap and the stuff inside is manly a product called PEG. This is a food grade synthetic oil filler found in many hosehold items like tooth-paste! You may get a few grease marks but rest assured as our paint is all non-toxic, non-staining and completely water-soluble.

What not to wear, bring or expect at the field.

Shorts or thin clothing, dress shoes, jewelry, bright colored clothing, metal spikes, weapons of any sort, a bad attitude, alcohol or drugs and war-like militaristic activities. No pets allowed (allowed only in Parking area and must be on leash).

Should I bring anything?

Besides a good change of clothes, closed toed shoes, long sleeves tees, long pants and a great attitude that should do it! We have everything you’ll need on site.

Do you play in the rain?

Yes! It is actually really fun to play paintball in the rain! We play rain or shine, however if the weather makes a turn for the worst we will call games.


Total price is calculated as the sum of Entry fee and Rental fee (if you need a rental).


$20 Per Person /18 and older/

$15 Per Person /age 10-17/


$35 Per Person

Included in Rental fee: mask, marker (gun), protective vest, gloves, harness, 2 pods of paint /280 rounds/, neck protector and unlimited supply of HPA tanks.


Extra PAINT: $5 for 140 rounds (one plastic pod)


Take a picture with family and friends while having fun at our field and use a hashtag #lcpaintball later on Instagram.

To check our schedule or make a reservation with the LAKE CITY PAINTBALL
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If you have any questions, please, contact us.

201 Margo Ln
Lake City, CO 81235

(970) 901-5500